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ONLYBATTERY is composed of a young, dynamic and qualified, dedicated daily counseling, marketing and construction of technically advanced power solutions.

With the aim of providing the best rechargeable or perishable energy solutions, Onlybattery offers in its various retail outlets, batteries in multiple formats and technologies for all types of equipments, at the best possible price.


Featuring thousands of products in stock, Onlybattery sells much beyond the usual battery current consumption, we sell batteries for all types of equipment regardless of make or model.


Thanks to the care and personalized follow-up, is guaranteed the sell the ideal power source for your equipment according to their characteristics and technical features.


Plus, according to the requests of individual and organizational clients, Onlybattery builds batteries as guaranteeing the best technical solution. Through of advanced test and measurement equipment, you can meet more specific needs, always ensuring the highest standards quality, reflected in the satisfaction of all our customers.

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Where we are
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